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Point of lay pullets for sale & in stock 12/11/18

White Leghorn £16

White leghorns are another of my favorite birds to have on our farm Redruth poultry They are a basic, no nonsense bird.

They rarely cause any trouble.
They eat. They lay nice very large white eggs.

Coucou Maran £16

are very good-natured hens with a pretty dark grey plumage that is speckled with silvery white. It is not just the feathers that gives them their name- it’s their eggs too! They lay lovely brown eggs which are covered in darker brown speckles! It means you'll know which egg has been laid by this girl! They have very soft plumage and some even have feathered legs.

Coucou Maran hybrids lay approximately 260-280 lovely speckled brown eggs per year.

Blue Bell Maran  £16

​This breed are beautiful grey/blue in colour, these are a reasonable sized bird. Rhode Island Red x maran. These are reliable egg layers.

These are a placid breed that often have lots of character.

Capable of laying around 260 eggs per year.

​​Sussex Ranger £16

The Light Sussex today is still a very popular breed to keep. Bred to be a dual purpose bird, it is one of the most productive breeds we have today.

The hen will lay around 260 large eggs that are cream to light brown in colour. The Sussex is one of the oldest breeds that are still in existence today.

The  Sussex chicken is an alert but docile breed that can adapt to any surrounding easily. They are good foragers. Whilst they are quite happy to be free range, they will also be fine if kept in a confined space. They can occasionally but not very often go broody.

Black Rock £16

They are a true first-cross hybrid from supremely selected strains of Rhode Island Red (male line) and a Barred Plymouth Rock (female line).
Probably the most successful hybrid for modern free range. It has dense feathering a highly developed immune system and good body weight.
Production is 280+ brown eggs in the first year and persistently good throughout lay.
Egg, shell quality and colour are continually good, which means more grade A eggs.

Cornish Black Tails £16

Cornish Blackails are hybrids
​ with a Rhode Island Red father and a hybrid mother of two strains of Light Sussex. They are medium sized hardy birds coping well with the heat of the summer and the mud and rain of winter.
Personality: They are friendly, easy to manage and suit a small garden group or a larger free ranging flock.
chestnut coloured with black tips to their tails and black flashes in their wings. Some also have a black necklace and a pretty lacing on their breast feathers.

Dory's ( Blue Egg layers £24

Dory's are a Legbar hybrid which the majority lay a blue / green egg with the remaining producing a pastel coloured egg. We call our Dory 'pot luck' egg layers, it's exciting waiting for your hen to lay her first egg to see what colour it will be.. It could be any of the colours in the picture above, so blue, green, olive, peach, cream..

It's not just the novelty of having a coloured egg layer with the Dory it's her appearance that is most eye catching. These quirky hen's have a elegant upright fan tail and tufty hair do that make them stand out in the flock.

Buff  Orpington 18 week old £25 each

The Orpington breed was developed as a ‘dual purpose bird’, meaning it was selected for producing both eggs and meat.

Orpingtons resulted from the careful crossing a number of breeds  

 Orpingtons come in a wide range of colours and markings including blue, black, white, chocolate, spangled and of course, buff!

 these birds are fairly sizable chickens (with cockerels weighing up to 6.35kg!) and Orpington hens are excellent layers, producing 175-200 eggs per year.

Buff  Orpington young 5 week old £12 each

​we have  12 week old as well £15 each

Silver Sussex £16

The Silver Sussex Chicken is a very versitile, dual purpose breed that is a popular  hen

The characteristics of the silver Sussex chicken is  alert, docile breed that is very comfortable in adapting to their surroundings very quickly for both free range or confined areas.

They are good foragers and are at ease with human presence.
They lay on average about 240 to 260 eggs a year, large eggs that are cream to light brown in colour.

Welsummer 14 wk old pullets  £25 each

Come and see us soon Chickens come in all shapes, sizes and nearly every colour of the rainbow, so choosing the perfect poultry can be a tricky thing to do. When deciding, you should ask yourself the fundamental question, what are you looking for in a bird? If it is eggs (and lots of them) then it’s probably best to start with a hybrid. If it’s for exhibiting or as a pet, than perhaps one of the more unusual Polands or docile Pekins would be best for you. Or if the lawn and flowerbeds are your pride and joy, breeds such as a Brahma which are less likely to dig due to their voluptuous pantaloons might be the hen for you.

Pure Breeds are chickens which fulfil a list of features specific to that bird. The best way to thinkabout Pure Breeds in chickens is the same as a you would Pure Breed dog. Hybrids are the more commonly known of chickens. Typically more robust, hybrids are a great option if you are new to chicken keeping as they are often more docile, excellent egg producers and rarely do they go broody

Chicks in stock

Cream CrestedLegbar Chicks 
Hens £10 each
boys    £3 each

White or Black Araucana Chicks UNSEXED  blue egg laying breed  £10 each

White Leghorn Chicks SOLD UNSEXED £5 each

poultry keeping has become one of the UK's fastest growing hobbies. You need no previous experience to start the hobby, although there are some very good books on the market.

You will find the hobby very rewarding, not just the eggs, and probably one which you will find quite addictive.
Each hen seems to have its own character.

You will soon find yourself spending many enjoyable hours just watching them and feeling completely relaxed, particularly after a stressful day at work.

We sell both Hybrid hens and Pure Breeds.

 The hybrid hens are usually available throughout the year.    We also have a number of pure breed flocks in Large Fowl and Bantam sizes from which we sometimes have both surplus eggs and birds for sale.

 The main breeding time for pure breeds is spring through summer

We stock all associated poultry products at Redruth Poultry However, what we offer most of all is our friendly advice, personal 

experience and enthusiasm for all things poultry! Why not pay us a visit. You are more than welcome to come and have a look around all our bird are vaccnated & wormed

Cockerels in Stock     Cockerels

8 week old off heat      Legbars £ 5 each

Leghorn £10 each
5 month old about 10 in stock

£10 each Sebright 

We are more than happy to take your UNWANTED Large fowl Cockerels for re homing 
we will put them in our large free range garden for them to have a long & happy life they will also be used for breeding off

SORRY NO BANTAMS                      Just pop them in any weekend 10am to 4pm


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